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Killer Mountain (2011)

AKA: Ascenso mortal

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B-Rated Critic Rating: 1.8Star(s) Fan Rating: N/A
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3.6/10 (634 votes)
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A team of climbers is assembled by a rich and eccentric man to rescue a missing expedition he sent up to a forbidden mountain who disappeared after sending out one last disturbing radio message.


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This movie had a totally original plot. Send a mountain crew up to find the fountain of youth and have that fountain of youth protected by a monster. NO, thats not really original, and nor was the dialog used in this film. The acting was poor and the CGI was bad, all the elements of a good B Film minus any nudity. I cant give any good reason to watch this film except to mock and laugh at it with a few friends who enjoy a good laugh at similar films.

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