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Godzilla, King of the Monsters! (1956)

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A 400-foot dinosaur-like beast attacks Tokyo. Filmed in 1954 as Gojira, this grandaddy of all Japanese giant-reptile epics was picked up for American distribution two years later, at which time several newly filmed inserts, featuring Raymond Burr as reporter Steve Martin, were edited into the original footage.


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Great movie with excellent cinematography and primitive special effects. This has been on my watch list for a while and I am not disappointed. I vaguely remember seeing this as a child, and I have been wanting to watch the other movies from the Godzilla series. It felt proper to start over from the beginning before I work my way up. But I made a mistake as the first movie is actually Gojira from 1954 and this is the Americanized version released in 1956.

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